Our Founder

"Once in awhile we are given a gift of understanding that just makes sense, an insight that changes how we see the world.  I realized in 2009, while working in Nepal, that my skills as an individual neurosurgeon to treat disease were minuscule when compared to a group's ability to prevent disease by the simple yet powerful tool of good nutrition.  All women and children have a right to the nutrition they need to grow, learn and work to the best of their abilities.  Their families and communities then have the foundation to succeed."  Marie Long MD, Founder and co-Chairperson GNE.
GNE was founded by Dr. Marie Long MD in 2010.  Dr. Long originally hails from Canada.  She received her medical training at the University of Manitoba including a residency in neurosurgery.  She is a board certified neurosurgeon who worked most recently at Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis, Oregon.  She is now retired and when not working on GNE projects she enjoys trekking and traveling.  
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