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Global Nutrition & Empowerment has projects around the world.  These projects have team leaders that make foreign site visits periodically. These trips are a mixture of work, cultural exchange and sightseeing. A brief description of prior trips is available here.
If you are joining GNE on a working trip as a member of the team, you can find more information with the link below.  Traveling abroad with us can be challenging, difficult and dangerous, but also very rewarding.  Participants are expected to pay their own way.
Upcoming Trips 2020
      Nepal              March, 2020:  completed
      Indonesia       March, 2020:  cancelled
      Guatemala     March, 2020:  completed
Recent Trips, 2019
      Nepal              cancelled
      Philippines    March 23 - April 6:  completed
      Indonesia       April 7 - 14:  completed
      Guatemala     November 1-9:  completed
Prior Trips
Information for Trip Volunteers
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